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Harness the buying and selling power of your community with a safe and secure marketplace. It's a fully featured marketplace equipped with the safest and securest way to buy and sell online, Paypal and

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Our marketplaces are very diverse from our UES mommas (upper east side moms of manhattan), to Pez collectors, to Star Wars collectors, to Barrel Racing, to Chess players, to local towns like McKinney, TX. Browse our network of marketplaces here.

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Create a marketplace for your niche magazine, local newspaper or specialized community. Add value and engage your online audience with a tool they love to use.

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    Generate revenue with a marketplace for your passionated readers to buy and sell safely with one another. Add value and take your publication further. Learn more

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    Take back revenue Craiglist stole and revive your classifieds. Start a marketplace for your local community and readers to buy and sell safely. Learn more

  • For Any Community

    Learn how you can start your own white-label marketplace to earn revenue and provide your community a safe and secure place to transact. Learn more

Meet Our Team


Jason Adams

Founder & CEO

Jason is the master-mind behind Curious Marketplaces. He is a passionate entrepreneur that has spent the last 15 years making a living inside the niches of American cultures.


Komail Mithani


Komail is the COO of Curious Marketplaces. Komail has a background in inbound and outbound marketing strategies that generate a brand's awareness and traffic and drive revenue and ARPU. Komail has worked with numerous startups in all aspects of operations, including sales, marketing, customer service and product development.


Bill Harris


Bill Harris has been developing web sites and applications since 1994. As a seasoned developer, he has seen the rise and fall of several development tools. His previous development projects include The Prevue Channel, TV Guide Channel, Mattel Interactive, and many others. He resides in Novato, California.


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